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Benefit by using one company to complete your entire printing and mailing project

Kaymil Printing will take your direct mail project from design through delivery. Your campaign is assembled, sorted, stuffed, boxed or whatever is necessary to get your printed materials in the mail. You gain the ability of insuring that the direct mail post card or other direct mail promotion you print will offer you not only the best possible mailing rates possible but is being printed in accordance with the United States Postal Service regulations. We provide for you cutting edge software as well as direct mail discounts We can sort, un-duplicate your lists if necessary, zip append and bar-code to get you the best direct mail rates.

We personalize your mailing: One-One Marketing!

You benefit by having us personalize your list, so that your direct mail printed materials are addressed to the decision maker. When you require your direct mail promotion to have that additional personalized touch, we can provide you with a "match mail" service to personalize the letter and add matching information on the envelope into which we insert it.

You will benefit from our full range of direct mail services

Whatever you require to be assembled and mailed we can handle all of your direct mail promotion requirements. Let us help you by showing you how to cost effectively plan your next printing and mailing campaign.

A direct mail campaign is powerful and cost effective tool that enables you to get your sales message directly to a potential buyer of your product or service. Your eye-catching direct mail post card or sales presentation can create the impact you drive your sales.

Contact us now to get started on your next direct mail campaign.

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